The Island Quarry would not be here if not for the commitment of the numerous sponsors, members, friends and donors.
Thanks to everyone that has ever lent a hand, an ear, a dollar or a piece of time.

iQ is supported by, and /or supports:

Dept of Lands, Arakwal Corporation, Byron Environment Centre, Byron Community Centre, YAC, Byron Interagency, Byron Echo, Bay FM, Southern Cross University, Centrelink, Corrective Services, Nortec, ENVITE, Consrvation Volunteers, Byron Shire Council, Green & Clean Team.

Contributions also from:

Katia Nursery, Burringbar Rainforest Nursery, Leisurescapes, Seedsavers.

Thankyou to all community volunteers:

Paul (Memisis), Paul & Krys (Syncromesh), Oz and Luci (Squiffy Vision), Tonisha (Mists of Avalon & Cybermoon), Maya (Electric Angelic), Marie and Lizzy (Acrobizarre), Jack, Chris, Rhett, Simon, Adam, Angel, Bear, Rainbow, Rienhardt, Dean Jefferys, Bretto, Sol, Noah, Tracey, Mirella, Peter, Geoff, Steve, Harry, Craig, Shem, Rodney, Ray & Bronwyn, Christian, Mark, Kate, BJ & Charmine, Brett, Andy, Robbie, Julie, Mandy, Hugh, Barb, Deborah, Peter, Stella, Veda, Anudhi, Rick & Larna, Steve, Barney, Margaret, Helen, Gary, Fast, Laurie, Dudley, Fred, Naomi, Shannon, Chris & Ryan, Matijo, Allan, Charles & Margie.  Dustin, Al, Andrew, Margaret, Paul & Mam, Frank, Ramon, Damien, Tony, Tim, Rodney, Karl, Jay, Des, Phil, John, Neil, Jason, Steve, Ray, Matt, Ralph, Malikia, Sandra, Teaka, Kristy, Andy, Josh, Julie, John, Greg, Jez, Marcus, Donni, Sam, Raine, Emily, Tanya, Caterina, Daniel, Dean, Sky, Jake, Scott, Jamie, Jonathon, Mick, Michael, Graham, Kristiaan, Corey, Jarrah, Frank, Kristy, Ross, Stuart, Dave, Larry, Richard, Tim, Tony, Peter, Jasmine, Mark, Paul, Slavko, Baz, Urs, Tom.

Thankyou also to:

Green Reserves, Community Services, Disability Support & Work for the Dole participants contributions.

Become a participating Sponsor

Please email us to become a Sponsor to help raise iQ (eg. offer a discount to our members of 5-10%)

Thankyou also to:

All the past committee members for their ideas & efforts, in contributing to the evolution of IQ: Mark, Terry, Hannah, Deborah, Rhett, Mandy, Hector, Hugh, Jenny, Ernst, Kate, John, Mark, Oz, Gabor, Kim, Patti & Lucy.


Thank you to FLiCKERFEST and all the sponsors that supported the Island Quarry to bring the International Touring program to Byron Bay.

Southern Cross University students

Thanks for the preliminary Flora / Fauna and Water Quality Reports.

Byron Bay Earthmoving

Thank you to Mike & the crew from Byron Bay Earthworks for the great job on the iQ constructed wetlands & on-site effluent system earthworks. And a big thank you for your contribution to iQ Arts & Eco centre for the community.

Global Gossip – 2003

For their generous donation of our very first photocopier. (Somehow we managed to survive without one for the first eight years!!!)

Mike Goldsun (Munchi Mike of San Francisco)

Thank you for your incredible & timely contributions to IQ, of much needed equipment: the double burner, water tank & pump, axe handles, new mower, brushcutter, chainsaw & the use of your vehicle. Much appreciation to our newest patron, you’ve made our season.

Dirty Three (Horse Stories Tour) – 1997

The first internationally known band to entertain the community at the IQ ReGen ’97’-New Years Day festival. The guys played one of their best shows ever. Supported by Mississippi Barry (Melb.), Floyd Vincent & the Childbrides and local bands, Kalidavibe, Freaks of Nature, Ragadol & BPC. Thankyou to you All.

Main Camp Tee-Tree Plantation

Donated 60m3 of Tee-tree mulch to help our gardens along.


Thank you for the rocks (Byron’s Stone-Henge is under way)